A Simple 3-Step Approach to Software Evaluation

Have you ever been torn between several vendors when looking to buy software? How do you really know if it will work until you commit and start using the tool?

Welcome to Lee’s Software evaluation tool. Three very simple steps to evaluate a new tool.

Step #1: Call tech support. How long do you wait to get a person? Are they knowledgeable? Do they speak English? This is what you will experience if you need to call for help.

Step #2: Get references. Is anyone else using the software like you plan to? Same or similar configuration? Ask for three references from current customers in the same boat. Their story can tell you a lot.

Step #3: Exit strategy. How do you get your information out if you no longer wish to use the software? We all plan to use our new tool for the long hall. What if you don’t?

Asking simple questions can reveal a lot about the company, and their support. Find out if it will really work for you before you buy it.

How do you evaluate your tools?

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