Backup Checklist

How do you evaluate your backup system? How do you know if it will work when you need it?

I reccomend this checklist:

1. Is your backup automated?

If you need to take action to ensure your backup runs, chances are it won’t happen

2. Is the backup off site?

I live in San Francisco and earthquakes happen. Think up the worst case scenario and imagine what steps would help. Computers do get stolen, and what steps do you take to get working again? Identify what you would need to do and take steps now.

3. Is your backup tested?

Have you actually restored the backup? The best time to test a backup is before it is critical. These are lessons better learned when our business in not on the line.

Quite often simply considering the possibility of something is all the preparation you need. A little imagination goes along way.

Have you learned any tricks about backing up your data?

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