What Do We Do In A Recession?

I am raising my prices. Recession’s are supposed to happen to recede is a natural ebb and flow of any system. We become leaner, and we reduce. Bruce Lee said: “Perfection leads to simplicity, it is the daily decrease not the increase.”

In a recession we cut back and remove things that are not necessary and it becomes harder. We only change behavior when it hurts, and it if never hurts one could go through life never learning or changing.

I am a teacher at the Technology Dojo
We teach entrepreneurs to use technology more effectively. We increase profits by using cheap and low cost tools to streamline systems. Now is the time to brush up on your skills if you are self-employed.

We are constantly filling up classes on WordPress, gmail, and online marketing, because a recession is the time to sharpen your skills.

Refine your services and call your customers in a recession. Pull out your business plan and dust if off.

Are you on track?

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