So That’s What I Am – A Digital Coach!

There apparently aren’t enough of me in the world! In a recent blog post, Seth Godin says that there is a shortage of “digital coaches”, people who can help individuals and small companies to use technology to make their lives better. Ever since I reinvented myself as a technology coach, I’ve had to explain to many people exactly what that means — and now I feel validated.

In his post, Seth did a great job of describing what I think is a huge need in the market:

“Here are three things that are true:
1. Digital technology, especially computers and cell phones, can dramatically increase productivity.
2. More and more users of digital technology are small firms or individuals.
3. The vast majority of users of digital technology are totally lame in getting the most out of the investment of their time and money.”

I couldn’t agree more. Most of my clients use technology on a daily basis, but they know they’re not getting the most out of their tools. They already have a guy to keep their network up and running and make the printers work, but they don’t have anyone who works with them to identify broken processes, research new gadgets and software, or figure out how to better use the tools they already have.

My clients are all very smart people who don’t have the time (or interest!) to become experts on emerging digital technologies. Fortunately, I have had no trouble showing them the ROI they get from my coaching services. My biggest problem so far has been to introduce the concept of using a coach for technology. Thanks, Seth, for spreading the word!


Seth started a Squidoo page to identify Digital Coaches and would appreciate if you could vote for me here.

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  • cporemsk Link

    I agree — there are not enough of you out there right now! This is definitely the wave of the future.

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