Web Clips in Safari Saves Time and Surfing

Do you have a web page you need to to check back in on?

I had something shipped via UPS and I don’t want to find the email, click on the link and then see if the package is on time or has been delivered. With web clips I can take a snap shot of the tracking page and place that page with it’s updates in my widgets so I can easily check in to see if my package has been delivered with a simple jump into widgets.web clips

Web clips is built into Safari in Leopard. The icon for Web Clips looks like this:

Apple description of Web Clips:

Now you can turn any web page into a Dashboard widget. Click the Web Clip button next to the address field in Safari and select exactly what you want your new widget to display. Then click Add, and Safari sends your Web Clip widget to Dashboard, where you can view it alongside your other widgets. You can even customize its border using built-in styles on the back of the widget. Your Web Clip widget is “live” and will update as frequently as the page from which it came.

With a click of a button you can check back on ebay listings, and you can review your search for used iPhones on Craig’s List. This tool can save time and frustration.

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