Unicorn Discovered, Bigfoot Says “Leave Us Alone Please”

I read a story in the UK Guardian today discussing the first real Unicorn has been discovered.

An animal expert in Italy is claiming to have found proof of the existence of unicorns after he stumbled upon a young roe deer with a single horn growing from the centre of its forehead.

The 10-month old animal is part of a herd of deer that are otherwise equipped with two antlers at the Prato natural science centre in Tuscany.

”It’s proof that the mythical unicorn celebrated in iconography and legends was probably not just a fantastic creature but a real animal: a deer or other species with an anomaly similar to that of our deer,” said the centre’s director Gilberto Tozzi.

Bigfoot sent an email to me and requested that we stop looking for him. BF said, “Once you can stop killing each other we will all hang out.”

Any day now humanity will find compassion for each other. If Unicorns exist certainly we can spread love.

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