How Simple is a Healthy Happy Brain?

A while back a friend came to the house with an iPhone, and all the contacts and email had been deleted. She was fit to be tied. I tried a quick fix.

I added and removed the nefarious email account in question. I watched as the emotions flashed across her face, as all her contacts, and email reappeared. For a moment I was weightless.

It was not a large effort on my part, but I felt helpful.

There are times when I am able to be helpful and give however I can.  I feel like the happiness boost can last for days.

  • Why does it feel so good to be kind to others?
  • How does one cultivate the warm kind smiling part of ourselves?
  • Is it true that gratitude and compassion are actually the ingredients to happiness?

It turns out science has a simple explanation for this, and for many it will seem to simple, and be dismissed.


Watch this 4:00 minute video from Amit Sood M.D. and tell me if you feel inspired like I did.


Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.
William E. Gladstone


Will you make any changes in your life with this knowledge? Tell me in a comment below.
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