Sense Your Breath to Change Your World

Think back to the last time you were in the zone. In the moment, without thoughts. The silent thoughtless state is what the Yogis call Being. The state of Being also emerges when you close your eyes and become aware of your breath. Anyone who chooses to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths becomes aware of a felt sense of Being, but how many actually abide in this state?

Have you ever heard of an open secret?

An open secret is something that is known, but not actualized. Anyone can take advantage of an open secret, but most will not put in the effort.

Will you make use of this open secret?

 Are you willing to experiment with a simple meditation practice? If the answer is yes, follow these steps.
1. Set aside 2 minutes to sit in a room alone with your eyes closed.
2. Simply allow everything to be just as it is.


  • You are the observer, not the doer, and you have one objective; just Be.
  • If you find yourself deep in a thought or feeling, return to allowing everything to be just as it is, not trying to fix or change anything.
  • Notice how your posture shifts when you dive into a thought and lose yourself.
At any point return to observing your breath.

What emerged when you tried the experiment? Leave a comment below.

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