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Today’s adult learners always ask themselves a few key questions when faced with training.


How Will This Help Me?

The first question is always “how will spending this time right now help me?”

If there is no clear answer that this will be helpful, to the learner’s life, there may be resistance and cognitive dissonance.


How Long is This Going to Take?

The second question today’s adult learners ask, is “how long is this going to take”? Wouldn’t it be great if all training told us how long this will really take right at the start? Simplicity is a design approach, and in a proper design we can ask answer these questions very early on. The best part is this simple design approach actually costs less to develop, and highly expensive post production is not required to deliver results.


Here is an Example of Simplicity and Adult Learning Theory in Action.

This video by the Crazy Russian Hackers uses very little post production effects, motion graphics, expensive cameras, and yet the video successfully achieves its objective of teaching you a new and effective way to sharpen your pencil. High production value can look impressive, and low production value can achieve results with very little money spent. Also, and power drill is quite a flexible tool.



Principle #1: Use simple video for concrete examples and shorter videos


Principle #2: The learner understands the principle and expectations in the the first few lines of text, or seconds of video.


#3: In this example you learned:

  • Create smaller simple video assets
  • Low production value can be effective
  • You learned to sharpen a pencil


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