Beautiful WordPress Designs

I help my clients to build simple elegant blogs without fluff or useless features.  People always ask  if I am designer or a “Web Guy”.  I feel that most of us can build a web presence and we don’t need to be a designer to look good.  I’ve found some wonderful designs to make WordPress look sweet from the guys at Sandbox.

The guys at Sandbox held a design competition and anyone can use the wonderful themes the designers developed.  I use a theme called Oriole designed by Jason Porritt.

You can learn a thing or two about CSS or find a friend who knows about CSS and persuade them to help.  With tools like WordPress and CSS creating a sweet web presence is not rocket science.  The first step is always finding a few sites you like and writing down what you like about them.

If this sounds very complicated you might want to consider finding a Technology Coach, and I think you are already well on you way.

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