How to Measure Traffic on A WordPress Blog

A lot of my coaching clients ask me how to find out if people are reading their blogs, and if so what posts are gaining interest. I set most of my soloprenuers clients up on WordPress, which is a wonderful blogging tool. I really like WordPress and in fact all of my sites run on this free powerful tool.

Cavemonkey 50 created the Google Analyticator currently in version 2.1 and I love this simple and effective tool. Cave Monkey 50 says:

Google Analyticator adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics logging on any WordPress blog. This eliminates the need to edit your template code to begin logging.


Google Analyticator Has the Following Features:

  • Full support for the latest version of Google Analytics’ tracking code (ga.js).
  • Inserts tracking code on all pages WordPress manages.
  • Automatically tracks outbound links.
  • Provides support for download link tracking.
  • Easy install: only need to know your tracking UID.
  • Expandable: can insert additional tracking code if needed, while maintaining ease of use.
  • Option to disable tracking of WordPress administrators.
  • Can include tracking code in the footer, speeding up load times.
  • Complete control over options; disable any feature if needed.

This simple tool can get you up to speed on what visitors are reading and where they are going on your site. Google Analytics, Google Analyticator, and WordPress are all free and they are very easy to use.

If you have questions about these tools ask them in the comments section.

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