Yes I’m Speaking at Devlearn

I am very excited to announce I will be speaking at the DevLearn Conference at MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Friday October 2nd. I design learning experiences and in my field DevLearn is the conference where designers, developers, managers and executives get together to learn about Innovation in the field of Online Learning and development. I am very excited to speak my passion teaching with video.
I will be presenting with Sam Rogers, and our Our session is entitled: Video Within Reach: Myth-Busting & Testing To Greatness, and  we’ll be showing attendees how to prioritize learning content and scale video production to the available resources.

Here’s the gist of what that means for laypeople:

  1. Following good cinematic advice is often overkill
  2. Figuring out what works best in your case is an adventure, not a formula
  3. Designing to your constraints is the only way to go, and we’ll show you how before you leave

709 Video Within Reach: Mythbusting and Testing to Greatness

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Friday, October 2

There are things that prevent us from making the great video learning content that we are capable of. Sometimes these things are technical, sometimes they are budgetary, but mostly they are due to our misconceptions about what is involved. While some blaze into situations making bigger promises than they can ever deliver, others scare themselves out of ever getting started in the first place. Most of us fall in between, perpetuating common video myths without even knowing it.

The truth is, great video learning content does not have to be expensive or complicated. It just has to work within your particular constraints. In this session, you will learn what kind of content for learning makes the best content for video. You will gain a better understanding of the best designs, scripts, tools, and techniques to fit your organizational context. In this session, you will find the answers to your questions and create a preliminary action plan for your video learning projects.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What learning content makes the best video content for your organization
  • How to test your way to the best designs, scripts, specs, tools, and techniques for your environment
  • To address fears and questions about video learning
  • To create a preliminary action plan

Novice and intermediate designers, developers, project managers, and managers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Workflowy, Scrivener, GoogleDocs, iPhone/iPad, GoPro, YouTube, JW Player, Camtasia, Screenflow, Captivate, FinalCutPro, Premiere, Litmos, Moodle, Saba.
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