Live Workshop: Video Within Reach

Devlearn 2015: Las Vegas Nevada

The primary focus of Video Within Reach is to define and refine myths to elearning video production, busting long held myths about producing elearning video, and the iterative  process to bring engaging effective elearning video within reach. More details available in this blog post.


Self Paced Online Course: When Self Falls Away

Richard Miller with the Integrative restoration Institute

Integrated Restoration Institute wanted to create a course so students could continue their personal development even if they live on the other side of the country. I created the video below to introduce IRI’s first online course.

Live Webinar: YouTube U: Integrating your LMS and Learning Strategy

eLearning May Guild Online Forum 2015

YouTube U focused primarily on determining content most suited for video, and use cases for utilizing YouTube in your organization’s learning strategy. More details in this blog post.


Video Production: YouTube Certified

I worked with YouTube Partner Product Solutions to create the YouTube’s first Online Certification Program.  I’ve written a blog post that provides work samples and more detail on the project.


Instruction Design: YouTube Creator Academy

I worked with the YouTube Creator Academy to design and write several self-paced courses for new creators. The courses were built into a streamlined ‘topic page” format that brings all the elements of a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) to a very accessible Top Page.

My work appears in:

Use Your Title and Thumbnail to Get Discovered

Introduction to YouTube Analytics

Curate Content with Playlists and Sections


In-Person Training: Cooking Matters

I volunteered as a Chef Instructor for Cooking Matters, a non-profit that teaches healthy cooking techniques to low-income families.  Read more.


Self-Study Training: 7 Habits of Magnetic Bloggers

I created a 5-week home study course to help entrepreneurs develop the habits necessary to turn their website into a search engine supermagnet. Read more.

Audio Resource: What’s So Great About WordPress?

I presented a series of radio shows to help entrepreneurs understand how to use free and low-cost technology tools to build their online presence. In the February 17  show I discussed the popular WordPress publishing platform with Ivan Storck from Sustainable Web Sites. In this radio show we talked about why WordPress is such a great tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners.